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naniannette-valokuvaus-muotokuvaus058(pp_w1600_h1064)This blog tells stories of our travels and our adventures.  We are a family with two children, currently living in Helsinki, Finland. We travel when ever we have time to do so. There are many interesting and beautiful places close to our home but couple times a year we pack our bags and we head somewhere far away.

Our philosophy is that the journey begins when the door closes, and we arrive only when the door opens again. The journey itself is the destination. The shortest way to the destination might be easiest but but every additional step along the way brings something extra to our experience. The name of the blog Matkataan Mutkitellen (eng. traveling by meandering) describes the way we usually travel.

We rarely visit the same destination twice. Whether the cause is restlessness or curiosity, who knows, but there is enough to see in the world. Together or separately we have visited almost 100 counties all over the world and each year we try to add at least one more. You can also find us in NomadMania.

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We are outdoor lovers and in our travel, we look for nature, recreational activities and adventures. We get enjoyment from water, regardless it is in ocean, lake or river. Mountains gives us energy and forests are perfect places to calm down and relax.

There must not be mandatory obligation on the trips and we are really good avoiding museums or other compulsory attractions.

The articles in this blog are all currently only in Finnish. Its it our native language and the language we experience our adventures as a family. On the contrary in social media most of our postings are in English, so it is easy for everybody to follow us. Our social media site you can find on the bottom left of this page. Please follow us, like and comment.

If you have any questions, comments or information you like to share you can reach us from email matkataanmutkitellen (a)